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Company Profile

Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd.(formerly known as Shandong Jinglu Engineering Design & Consulting Co., Ltd) was first established in 1986, formerly known as the Design Institute of Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute.

Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in research and development, design consulting and general contracting of building materials (glass, ceramics, refractory materials, new building materials, inorganic non-metallic materials). It has three qualifications for power engineering construction general contracting, Grade A qualification for building materials engineering design, Grade A qualification for engineering consulting, and Grade A qualification for engineering general contracting. The company is supported by Shandong Industrial Ceramics Research and Design Institute. It has national key laboratories, national building materials industrial ceramic quality testing center and Shandong non-metallic mineral quality supervision and inspection station; it is the governing unit of China Brick and Tile Association, and the national new material industry of Ministry of Science and Technology. Chemical base technical support units, provincial high-tech enterprises, Zibo City contract-honoring and trust-keeping units, provincial-level outstanding enterprises. Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd.passed the GB/T19001-2008idtISO9001:2008 quality system certification in 2003, and passed the 14000 and 18000 environmental safety system certification in 2005, and completed the integration of the three systems. It has completed more than a dozen solar photovoltaic power generation projects, and nearly 400 large and medium-sized building materials engineering design or general contracting projects. Among them, it won two national-level outstanding engineering design silver awards, one bronze medal, two second-level scientific and technological progress awards, more than 30 ministerial-level excellent engineering design awards, and more than 20 ministerial-level excellent engineering consulting awards. A lot of meticulous work was done for the smooth completion of the construction project, which was well received by the construction unit.

Sinoma Shandong Engineering  Co., Ltd.has a number of specialties, national registered architects, such as process, general plan, thermal furnace, building structure, equipment and non-standard, electrical automation, water supply and drainage, HVAC, budget and project economic evaluation. 2, 5 national registered architects, 12 national registered consulting engineers, 7 national first-level construction engineers, 5 national second-level construction engineers, 8 national registered supervision engineers, 2 national registered electrical engineers, national registration 1 drainage engineer, 3 national registered cost engineers, 2 national registered security engineers. A large number of technicians form a strong team to ensure the engineering project from pre-planning, feasibility study, preliminary design to construction drawing design, from civil construction, equipment installation, electrical automation control, to furnace construction, and installation. debugging. More than 40 production lines for all coal gangue bricks have been designed nationwide. In the detection and analysis of raw materials, experimental research and optimization design of the kiln structure, there are unique features, and the design level is in a leading position.

Sinoma Shandong Engineering  Co., Ltd.relies on years of design concepts and specific implementation experience of engineering general contracting to provide reliable technical support for the construction of the project. In addition, the company has a complete material selection and inspection control system to provide a strong guarantee for the construction quality of the construction side. Over the years, many high-tech kiln projects have been built in ceramics, brick, metallurgy, chemical, glass, cement, refractory materials and other industries. The types of kiln include energy-saving high-temperature tunnel kiln, multi-channel tunnel kiln, wide-section energy-saving tunnel kiln, high-temperature drawer kiln, push-plate kiln and other kiln; the fuel used in the kiln includes coal, oil, gas and electricity. Received wide acclaim from industry experts and highly praised by users.