Said to use light: building photovoltaic power stations, barren hills become "energy mountain"

Sep 20,2018

Between the mountains, on the barren hills, thousands of photovoltaic panels are covered on the hillsides, absorbing the sunlight to transform the energy, and a series of power lines rushing forward, stringing up one beautiful village under the mountain. "Photovoltaic power plants have helped poor villagers embark on the path of getting rid of poverty and getting rich, and truly turned the country's good policies into real money and silver in the hands of poor households."

“The installation of a photovoltaic power station at home is equivalent to raising chickens that do not eat or drink golden eggs.” The villagers of Xiangjiazhuang Village, Xinzhuang Town, Feixian County said happily. Xiangjiazhuang Village used a 300,000 yuan special financial poverty alleviation fund to build a 40 kW distributed photovoltaic power generation system. Now, the annual power generation is about 35,000 kWh, with an annual income of more than 30,000 yuan, which can bring nearly 200 yuan dividend to each poor household. In addition to Xiangjiazhuang Village and Xinsheng Village, Xinzhuang Town has implemented photovoltaic power generation projects in 6 villages including Yongsheng Village, and all of them have been connected to the grid through the power supply department, which not only ensures poverty-stricken households get rid of poverty, but also realizes collective income increase. ”

As one of the poverty alleviation projects, the Shijing Village photovoltaic power generation project in Shijing Town makes full use of the unused land in the barren hills to build a photovoltaic power station, and the barren hill becomes an “energy mountain”. At present, Shijing Village in Shijing Town has built a photovoltaic power station of 100 kilowatts as a model for centralized photovoltaic power plants in the village, which will drive other villages to develop photovoltaic power stations. After the completion of the project, the average annual on-grid electricity will be about 104.996 million kWh. According to the electricity bill of 1.2 yuan per kWh, the annual electricity fee will reach 124.9 million yuan.