Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd. held a brainstorming meeting of the leading group

Mar 17,2020

On March 12, 2020, Sinoma Shandong Engineering Co., Ltd. held a brainstorming seminar for leaders, which was attended by all senior leaders of the company. The main content of the meeting was to study and discuss ideas and suggestions beneficial to the future operation and development of the company.

In the way of "brainstorming", in a completely relaxed environment, the seminar brainstormed, spoke freely, triggered innovative ideas, and jointly studied and discussed the ideas and measures for the development of engineering companies. Leaders attending the meeting summarized their gains and losses in their work in combination with their respective areas, and made in-depth thinking and full discussion on department management and future development of the company.

According to preliminary statistics, this seminar has collected more than 30 ideas and suggestions related to the company's operation and development. The chairman of the company confirmed the speech, and asked everyone to carefully sort out the innovative practices in the speech, and implement them into the work in 2020 and beyond.