Notice of the State Energy Administration on matters related to the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects in 2020

Mar 11,2020

On March 10, the State Energy Administration officially announced the notice on matters related to the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects in 2020 and issued an official interpretation. Compared with the previous draft, the general rules remain unchanged, mainly adjusting the project application time. The key points are as follows:

Key point 1: the application information of parity projects shall be submitted to the Energy Bureau before the end of April 2020, and the projects shall be able to be filed and started before the end of 2020. The list of the first batch of projects issued in 2019 shall be submitted together with adjustment if necessary.

Key point 2: before June 15, 2020 (included), submit the subsidy bidding project to be built in 2020, the declared feed in price and relevant information to the national energy administration.

Key point 3: the total subsidy budget for new photovoltaic power generation projects in 2020 is 1.5 billion Yuan. Among them, 500 million Yuan is used for household photovoltaic, and the construction of subsidy bidding projects (including centralized photovoltaic power stations and industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic projects) is organized according to the total subsidy of 1 billion Yuan.

Key point 4: household photovoltaic does not participate in the subsidy bidding, only the newly built photovoltaic power generation projects (including centralized photovoltaic power plants and industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic projects) that need state subsidies in 2020 participate in the subsidy bidding.

Key point 5: the construction scale of household photovoltaic included in the scope of national financial subsidies, i.e. the newly increased scale in 2020 is calculated according to the annual utilization hours of 1000 hours and relevant national price policies, and is determined by rounding down the 500000 kilowatt range. When the accumulated installed capacity of new grid connected projects in the year up to the end of last month exceeds the total annual installed capacity of new projects that can be arranged in the year, the last day of the month when the user photovoltaic information is released is the deadline for the user photovoltaic grid connection that can enjoy the national subsidy policy of the year.

Key point 6: promote the reduction of non-technical cost. Each agency of the state energy administration shall strengthen the supervision of the demonstration of the power grid consumption capacity, project competition configuration, power grid transmission project construction, project grid connection and consumption, and report the relevant information to the State Energy Administration in a timely manner. Local energy authorities should increase coordination with land and environmental protection departments, promote the reduction of non-technical costs, and create a good environment for the development of photovoltaic power generation.

Key point 7: the national development and Reform Commission's electricity price policy on household photovoltaic has not been determined, and the specific construction scale of household photovoltaic cannot be determined at present.

Key point 8: the bidding rules and price correction scheme of subsidy bidding projects in 2020 will remain the same as that in 2019.

Key point 9: the conditions for enterprises to apply for bidding subsidy projects in 2020 also follow the 2019 method. First, the project must be a new one in 2020. Second, the project location meets the requirements of market environment monitoring and management, and the project has access and consumption conditions. Third, the project needs to have land (site) construction conditions.

Key point 10: regarding the time node of subsidy decline of bidding projects in 2019, the extension policy will be carefully studied and timely released. At present, there are still some bidding projects not completed in 2019, but affected by the epidemic situation, the resumption of enterprises is delayed, and the construction of these projects will inevitably lag behind. In consideration of the influence of force majeure, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant enterprises and promote the smooth and orderly development of the construction of relevant bidding projects, we plan to consult the competent price department and relevant parties to carefully study and timely issue the extension policy according to the epidemic situation and the actual situation of the industry. 


The article comes from the official account of "Polaris distributed photovoltaic".

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